E-mail marketing doesn’t work to one formula only, we all know that and probably wish it wasn’t true.

What works well one week, may not necessarily work the next which could be down to content, subject lines and timing.

This is the joy of digital marketing; we can continuously improve and test to determine what works well.

We have assessed emails from clients who have amended copy to draw some learnings for future use.

Opening hook: Be original

  • First email – too many questions that have been asked before
    Nothing really original
  • Improved email – thought provoking opening paragraph to make the reader think

Information about the university: Focus on the reader

  • First email – the email gets to the event information quite quickly, followed by mediocre info about the institution.
    Again it sound very similar to other universities, it isn’t very engaging
  • Improved email – focus on what postgraduate students are looking for and how the university responded to that demand and created new facilities. This sounds much more exciting.

Close of email: Direct and impactful calls to action

  • Original email – 4 calls to actions which are all quite soft; visit our website, ask us questions
  • Improved email – impactful call to forget preconceptions of postgraduate study followed by a direct call to action to attend the open event

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