Exhibiting at our events


Each year in December we run our highly successful and specialised PhD Funding Fair in London.

It's special for both exhibitors and visiting students because:
- we specifically invite University exhibitors who we know have guaranteed and substantial PhD funding opportunities to talk about
- we only invite students who have applied to attend and met our criteria - so we ensure that exhibitors see high quality students at the Fair. Our criteria are similar to research council studentship criteria and we pre-screen the students who apply, asking them to provide evidence such as degree certificates or transcripts to show they already have, or are on course to receive the results we need.

In 2014 the PhD Fair was supported by our partners the NUS, Vitae and The Student Room

Find out more about the Fair, see which Universities exhibited in 2014 and what the students attending the Fair had to say.

We have a limited number of exhibitor slots at the Fair each year: if you are interested in exhibiting please contact Claire Gascoigne, who organises our PhD Fair, e: claire.gascoigne@thinkpostgrad.com t: 07799 651339.