We are heavily promoting Jan/Feb Start PGT courses from 20 Sept 21 to 17 Jan 22 targeting a Global audience initially with heightened UK domiciled activity once international application deadlines have passed.

Enhanced Jan/Feb start Course Listings on MastersCompare Cost: £10/course/12 months  

  • Your course listings are programmed to be returned higher than basic FOC standard listings achieving on average 8 times more views.

Featured Jan/Feb start Course Listings on MastersCompare Cost: £240/course/4 weeks – discounts for multiple listings

  • Your course appears within our top 20 listings in browse and search results (we have a max of 20 Featured listings per subject area i.e. very different to the product of the same name with one of our competitors)
  • This includes an image on your course listing page, funding and student destination/career info.
  • Featured courses will be highlighted in the primary search results, ensuring that your listing is unmissable.

Study/Funding advert on PostgraduateStudentships
Cost: £50 single advert, discounts for multiple adverts

  • This is our flexible core product which can be used to advertise a single masters course, group of Masters courses by subject area or for corporate, university wide promotion of Jan/Feb Start courses and funding options available.
  • Your advert will read by students further down the funnel – filtered by subject, level of study, preferred UK location and eligibility.
  • Adverts can include information/link to any PG open events with call to action to Register or to Live Chat for example.

Featured Study/Funding Listings on PostgraduateStudentships Cost: £120/week 

  • Boost your study/funding advert to Featured appearing highlighted as one of a max of 20 per subject area.
  • Your advert will be 8 times more visible than a standard advert over the same period.

Leader board run-of-site banners Cost: £550/month PostgraduateStudentships, £450/month MastersCompare

  • Go the extra mile to ensure that your Jan Starts message is shown to as many students as possible with our main leaderboard banners.
  • Feature your opportunity and your institution in a way that is unmissable, and visible before students scroll down the website.
  • As a run of site opportunity, your advert will appear throughout the site.

Showcase run-of-site banners Cost: £350/month PostgraduateStudentships, £250/month MastersCompare

  • A run of site MPU banner offering great value.
  • The same size as the Leaderboard banner, appearing throughout the site, interjecting within search returns where prospective students are looking by relevant level of study.

Targeted Solus Emails Cost: £250/1000

  • Audience can be dissected by nationality, UK domiciled, level of study (PhD or Masters), subject area of interest, preferred UK region and we know if they have not yet graduated with a UG degree.
  • Students do not have to register to use the sites; these are genuinely interested students.

Savings can be made with our flexible packages. We will craft a tailor-made solution that offers the best ROI for you and your clients.

All our campaigns are backed up with excellent benchmark performance – we will include estimated results for a mirror proposal because we have a track record of successful delivery for client requests, no matter what size or shape required.

Simply contact us and we will plan out everything you need to meet your schedule.

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