We’re excited to announce the winner for our Masters Scholarship 2018/19 is Kristia, a MSc Business Analytics student at Imperial College Business School in London. We spoke to Kristia about her journey into postgraduate study and about what winning the scholarship has meant to her. Kristia started at Imperial at the end of August.

Can you tell us about your academic journey so far?

“I moved from Cyprus four and a half years ago to do my undergrad at LSE in business mathematics and statistics which I really enjoyed but it wasn’t really applied, it was really theoretical. I didn’t really see how I could apply this in real life. I was then thinking between data science or an analytics related degree in London because I wanted to stay in London.

I applied in almost every single London University. I applied to King’s [College London] and City [University of London] for data science, and LSE for data science, then UCL and Imperial [College London] for business analytics. And then I got into all of them except LSE.”

What made you choose Imperial College London?

“Because of the reputation of the business school, which I think compared to the rest ranks first. Then after looking at the course specifics, I think that this is the most quantitative degree, which also combines a little bit of computer science. I am going to get a lot of useful skills in terms of coding. And employers really value the course and school ”

How did you find Masters Compare?

“I came across because I was trying to compare [courses]. You could find everything together on one platform.”

What does winning this scholarship mean to you?

“I was actually thinking after the end of exams, to find a part time job to help with the living expenses. Being able not to have a part time job, and focus on my studies and my January exams, that will definitely improve everything.”


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