As a specialist postgraduate provider, it’s very important to us who we work with. As well as all the UK universities and agencies whose postgraduate marketing and student recruitment we are delighted to support, we also work in partnership with a number of key organisations who Think Postgrad just as much as we do:

The NUS – PostgraduateStudentships is proud to be the the first ‘organisational’ NUS Postgraduate Champion. We support the NUS in their postgraduate funding campaigns and in turn value their support of our PhD Funding Fair.

UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) We’re proud to sponsor the UKCGE’s Postgraduate Funding Working Group, as it explores effective postgraduate student funding options in the sector.The Student Room: we greatly value The Student Room’s support for our PhD Funding Fair.

Vitae: as another important specialist postgraduate organisation, we are delighted to have Vitae’s support for the PhD Funding Fair. We’ve also contributed to their partner organisation CRAC’s work for the HEFCE project on information provision for postgraduate students.

Student and Graduate: an important marketing partnership which helps attract more students to our websites and offers students valuable additional resources and information.