• Our dedicated postgraduate opportunities website Postgraduate Studentships is designed to help students find and apply for PhD Studentships and postgraduate research projects.
  • We work closely with a wide range of predominantly UK Universities from mid-tier to specialist research centres and research intensive internationally ranked institutions with a diverse portfolio.

Entry point packages: Single Study Funding Advert = £50

  • Complete flexibility – no set template, can be used to promote a single PhD Studentship, a group of studentships by subject area/Faculty/DTC/Funding Council or corporately university wide (See example PhD advert listings).
  • Not charged by time – the adverts can be published as early as you like and will last either until a set application deadline date or for up to 12 months.
  • We do the upload – either from the URL to where each studentship is advertised on the institution website or from a word document if the advert is for a group of PhDs for example. Or you can upload your advert yourself from your account page.
  • 24 hours turnaround (usually same working day) Example Studentship Study/Funding Advert.


Additional options: Featured Study/Funding Listings

Rate Card: £120 per week

Study/Funding adverts can be boosted to feature on the PhD and Other Doctoral Study/Funding listings page.

  • In addition, adverts will also show on the first page of all subject browse/search results as a Featured Listing.
  • Featured Adverts receive on average 8 times more views than a standard ad in same period.

Display advertising: PhD Leaderboard Banner

Rate Card: £550 per month

Our most high profile run-of-site banner sits at the top of each PhD page – great for the promotion of a group of inter-disciplinary studentships or corporate university wide PGR promotion:



Display advertising: PhD Showcase Banner
Rate Card: £350 per month

Great value run-of-site banner/MPU. Same size as the Leaderboard but appearing halfway down the page and interjecting within search return lists of PhD projects:

Subscriber database: Solus emails
Rate Card: £250 per 1000 addresses

Target students who have registered to receive information about PhD Studentship opportunities in relevant subject area. We can further dissect by International, Home and EU students.

We can package the emails for a group price across Academic Departments if required to save money through economies of scale.

Example performance
A corporate /100 PhD Studentships message across all subject areas email to 5,000 users achieved:

• 1,827 opened,
• 598 clicked,
• 11.96% click rate

An email promoting research studentships in the social sciences subject area to Home and EU students received a 34% open rate and 4.68% click rate.

Our average is 30-40% open rate and 3-4% CTR (percentage opens over sends)

Example PhD Faculty Campaign

A six-month Biomedical Sciences campaign on Postgraduate Studentships across the peak PhD application time of October to March. This campaign included the following products:

7x Study Funding Adverts, one to promote the faculty as a whole and 6 individual adverts to be used for funded PhD programmes – cost: £315
28x Weeks Featured Study Adverts in the relevant subject areas on Postgraduate Studentships – cost: £3,360
2x Target Solus Emails (1,000 addresses per email) to a PhD intending audience interests in Medicine and Biomedical Science opportunities – cost: £500
2x Month Showcase Banner on PhD pages of Postgraduate Studentships – cost: £700

Support your campaign with PhD videos, PhD research stories and Student case study articles – these may well be included within your university’s profile – talk to us about these.

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