Our annual PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair recently took place in London. The fair provided students with the opportunity to meet and talk with representatives from some of the top UK universities. All of the universities present at the fair had PhD funding to offer, providing a great opportunity for students to discuss their PhD plans and funding options.

Students really value coming to the annual PostgraduateStudentships PhD Funding Fair. Here’s what some of them had to say:

I spoke with University of Bath and University of Birmingham and they gave me really essential information about how to apply and about how to get a scholarship. They were very helpful and gave me all the information, literature about scholarships and what life will be like after PhD and how life will be in the university and how I can do a proposal. My main problem in my PhD route is where to find a proposal, what topic do I need to do and what is a sponsor? They gave me very useful information.” – Kurrum Khan

I’m thinking about doing my PhD in 2020, so it seems like a good event to see what is around, which options there are, and talk to some universities.” – Marie-Isabel Theuwis

I wanted to apply for a PhD programme and studying in the UK so I’m thinking about finding funding to help me to study.” – Gehan Xu

The fair has helped me to realise I have time and now I’m more calm because I know that I just need to contact the supervisors and talk to them to work out how I can be funded. So, it really helped me to find out that there are more opportunities available.” – Victoria Isakzai

I found out the ways I can talk to supervisors and find the funding website. Because I’m from China and I talked to them to learn about funding that the Chinese government provides for us.” – Gehan Xu

I found out about deadlines for funding positions and also that it’s possible to apply through other routes such as if you don’t get the funded position you can contact the supervisor and ask them to be nominated for a studentship, which was very helpful. And that there are a lot of funding opportunities that aren’t advertised as well.”- Victoria Isakzai
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