Showcase Run-of-Site Banner 970 x 90 pixels, on Masters OR PhD relevant pages

Product Description

A run of site banner offering great value. The same size as the Leaderboard banner, appearing throughout the site where prospective students are looking by relevant level of study.

Shows as 1 of 8 banners on the homepage & Charity & Trust pages then reduces to be 1 of 4 on the PhD or Masters browse and search pages. While students do have to scroll down; your ad is likely to be the final thing that they see on a page and therefore front of mind.


Animated, continuously rotating Desktop banner – Jpg, Gif  – 970px x 90px. Max size 100KB. Mobile banner – Jpg, gif – 300px x 250px. Max file size 60kb

Please call 07825 240572, or email below to get started