There is a lot to think about when considering an Online Masters, with cost being high on the list of things to think about. You may find that there are some financial benefits of an Online Masters degree and you may even find that you are saving money.

This article talks about the costs of an Online Masters and helps you to decide if studying for a postgraduate qualification online could be a cheaper alternative for you.

Researching the cost of an Online Masters

The costs of an Online Masters are similar to the university’s fees. However, universities can set their own costs for Online Masters, so different universities will have different costs for different courses. It’s important to remember that not all Online Masters courses will cost the same. We would always recommend that you do your research into how much it could cost you as this may be a deciding factor for you.

Funding options for Online Masters

It is worth looking at the different funding options you may be eligible for to help you achieve your Online Masters. Take your time to consider the sort of programme you want to study and what the costs involved would be to do so. If you are starting your Masters then you may also be eligible for the Masters Compare £5000 Scholarship.

For many UK and EU students the Postgraduate Masters Loan Scheme, which was introduced in the summer of 2016, covers this type of course so if you are eligible for the loan you would be able to use it to help you cover the cost for this course.

Individual universities may also make bursaries or scholarships available for these courses but it would be on a course by course basis. You can search for Masters Scholarships and Funding opportunities on Postgraduate Studentships. You can also search Postgraduate Studentships for Charities and Trusts with scholarships and funding available for postgraduate students.

Many universities offer an alumni discount, so it might be worth checking with the university you completed your undergraduate qualification with if this is available. Not all universities will offer this discount, and not all will offer it for courses that aren’t taught on campus so it’s worth checking with the university.

Can you save money studying an Online Masters?

One of the most significant way in which you could save money by studying a Masters online is through your accommodation costs. You will not need to worry about student accommodation near the campus, or accommodation in between terms. Another financial benefit of an Online Masters Degree is that you won’t need to pay for transport to get you to and from your campus or course, because all or most of your Online Masters is completed from the comfort of your own home. Remember that you will need reliable IT and internet to successfully study a Masters online.

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